Things you don’t expect to hear from your child, “We have to buy a watermelon. I just found out a way to explode it.”

LMAO! I love my awesome son so much!

There may have also been a mug of special coffee involved. LOL!

There may have also been a mug of special coffee involved. LOL!

Hub & son gave me the most awesome T-shirts for my birthday! I’m going to wear the Judgement Day one to parent-teacher conferences next week & every single morning & time that I can!



For your birthday, here are some pics of Chris looking super hot. 

and let’s not forget…

Love you lots! Muah! 

I have the best friends in the world! 😚😄



A few of these have been making the rounds on tumblr, but I haven’t seen one that says this yet:

  • You don’t have to come out
  • You don’t have to feel pressured to come out
  • Being in the closet is not shameful
  • It’s about protecting yourself
  • If…


Cats and Tumblr

endless tag of my favourite photos of chris

Every 2 weeks now I fry up 9 lbs of bacon so every week day K can have a “thermos of bacon” to take to public high school with him. The protein & lugging a ton of books all over campus seems to be working. 😀💪🏃

I think 1 slice of cheesecake per hour of organizing K’s closet & yellow bureau (all gaming stuff) is fair, don’t you? 😄🍰

You have no idea what you just walked into.


My humanity is not debatable.


My humanity is not debatable.

DarrenCriss: Wanna get into some… Trouble?! AHHHH!!!!! Tune into the #iHeartRadio festival tonight on The CW at 8pmPST sponsored by iHeartRadio

 duanemieliwocki The crew eats.

duanemieliwocki The crew eats.